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Happy New Year


With the world shedding 2008 and diving in head first into 2009, many find it time to make New Year Resolutions. While many people make resolutions to lose a few pounds (or more), stop a particular habit or to finally clean their attic, we have joined in the fun to make some New Year Resolutions too.

Just a couple of months ago Search Engines didn't even know to list our site ( or when someone typed in "Utah web design" into the search engines. We are happy to say that (at the time of this blog post) we are listed on the first page of MSN, second page of Yahoo and the third page of Google for the search term "Utah web design". This is a pretty amazing feat considering how well we have done in a couple of months that has taken other Utah web design firms years to accomplish. And if you think about it "Utah web design" should be one of the most competitive search terms in Utah, considering that the competition are the ones most likely to know about SEO and have a vested interested in getting high rankings.

Which leads us to our New Year Resolution, to make it to the front page of Google for the search term "Utah web design". Your question might be, "how are we going to do that?". The answer... SEO expertise and years of experience. Did you really think we would give out our trade secrets that easily?

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