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10 Reasons Why Your Website Failed


10. You Hired Your Nephew

Your nephew is a electronic wiz. He plays video games, accumulates 2,000 texts on his phone a month, knows how to use the remote for your entertainment system plus took a website class in high school. You've heard that he has created a website or two and see an opportunity to save a few bucks. Sure, you can hire him for dirt cheap, but that's about what you'll end up with for your website. A few hundred dollars later, you find that the website he created has done more damage than good. You find yourself taking your URL off your business cards, stationary and email signatures. Worst of all you're missing out on potential customers and profits.

9. You Outsourced Your Work to a Near-Third-World-Country

Isn't it just so tempting to hire a programmer or designer outside of the country? I once failed to listen to the advice of other professionals on a personal project of mine and paid dearly for it. If you think communication is important in business, be ready to try doing business with a major disadvantage if you choose to do a website this way. If you are lucky to find someone that does speak enough English so you can understand each other, be ready to make a lot of phone calls at midnight to carry on this communication. And finally, you'll learn like I have and many of my colleagues that you'll be promised professionalism and competency and receive neither. The many stories I have heard, mine included, these business arrangements typically end in legal threats and unsatisfactory or unfinished work.

8. You Purchased a Template and Did it Yourself.

By every right you are the leading expert of your business. You figure, “why spend money when I am the best qualified to present the business to my clients?” So you find a neat looking template and try to build the site yourself. In all honesty, there is truth behind the premise, but your execution was your failure. A good designer will know how to leverage you as the expert of your business in creating an effective design. Websites just seem so simple, but there are entire degrees in college, volumes of books and other reading materials, plus years of application that are needed to make something so simple to be so effective. Look at the ingenuity of Apple Computers, there is a reason why so few people have been able to match their prowess of simple design.

7. Your Website Looks Like it was Made in the 80's or 90's (or it was)

If you don't take your business seriously, how can you expect your clients to do the same. Your visitors are looking for the latest and greatest products or services. In short, get with it, or fail.

6. You Created a Splash Page or Intro (“click to enter”)

There are many reasons why people choose to have a splash page and none have been effective thus far in doing so. Splash pages and intro animations end up just becoming an annoyance to your visitors, especially if they come to your website more than once.

5. You Only Have One Page.

Usually in this case you have a website because you were told you needed a website. Not only is this tactic looked down upon by your users, but search engines as well. Create something of value for your visitors, design a strategy to get them to build your revenue. A one page site says, “I only did this because I had to.” If you only have one page, your site is a failure.

4. Your Site Catches No Interest

If your site can't create interest in your product or services, your website will lose to the competition. Focus your attention on benefits, not features. Create page titles that make your audience want to learn more. Show how the application of your product or service will change your audiences' lives in some positive way. Design some sort of mystery that needs investigating on your site. Build your customers interest or fail.

3. You Only Hired a Web Designer/Developer.

Whats the problem with this picture: You build a state of the art sports arena, its beautiful, has many sought out commodities and was built in Antarctica. You may ask, “What's the point of a sports arena if you aren't going to have anyone use it?” A silly scenario, but a common pitfall for many websites out on the Internet, because they are or have a professionally made website with no budget for marketing. When budgeting out your website, make sure to appropriate sufficient funds to attract an audience to it. Use the following flexible rule of thumb for a website budget: a quarter of your budget for design and branding, a quarter for development, a quarter for public relations and SEO, and a quarter for advertising.

2. Your Website is Too Generic

A good looking website and a well branded website are two very different things. A good looking website might impress your audience but a well branded website will influence your audience to a profitable action. If you're running a business, the latter is the smarter choice. Every aspect of your website should be communicating the same message, from your design, to your logo, to font, text and style. Keeping these aspects of your website consistent will create a stronger and more influential brand.

1. You Didn't Monetize Your Site

Sometimes people get so caught up in making a website that they forget the whole reason why they made it in the first place. If you didn't make your website obvious and easy for your visitors to make profitable actions, you've made it that much harder for your website to succeed. Before any design and development, you must first make a plan of how and what your website needs so your website is productive and successful. When your visitors come to your site, it should be designed in such a way that promotes your visitors to specific and measurable action. Every aspect of your site should be helping to accomplish your predetermined objectives, because without keeping this end goal in mind your visitors won't fulfill those desired objectives.

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